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The latest concert of NOX (ESC 2005) aired tonight

noxCorresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: MTV – m1
You can watch the full video by clicking here

One of the most popular groups of Hungary NOX, that competed in the Eurovision 2005, gave a huge concert in 24.10.2008 in the Budapest Sportaréna.

It was recorded by the hungarian broadcaster MTV and they put it to their wednesday evening programme. The show starts at 20:10 CET on channel m1, lasts approximately 100 minutes and it will be also aired online by MTV’s live internet streams. This concert will show the big change of NOX in pursuance of music and outfit. The new album of NOX called Időntúl (Over the time) has more modern sounds but you can find traditional instruments too. Among the new songs, you can listen older ones, including the Hungarian entry of 2005.

You can watch the show on the following links:

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