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Hungary to continue Eurovision in 2012

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre

RÁKAY Philip, programming manager of MTV has interviewed by about Eurovision in present and for the future. „We heve tried many kind of choosing methods, this year we decided to choose somebody by internal selection. Using that method we had more responsibility but I can predicate after this year’s contest that we had the right decision. We got support of our viewers, we got many emails even abroad, and musical experts also suggested to send that song. At our selection we listened all songs the composers sent to us and even songs we didn’t receive but played on the radio and were suitable to the rules.”

RÁKAY was asked about the future as well. „We have to analyze our work we did this year, but I promise to make decision about ESC 2012 as soon as possible. But it is no question: there will be a Hungarian entry in Eurovision 2012.” And also added that he prefers an open selection for the next contest.

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