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Spain to accuse Hungary of plagiarism

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
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According to’s article appeared today the song of Marta Sánchez „Breathe In”, published in november last year in Italy, „has great similarities” with this years Hungarian entry. The composers of „Breathe In” Jésús María Pérez and Antonio Sánchez Ohlsson „have let the decision to their editorial in order to take legal actions against the Hungarian delegation” says

The montage of these 2 songs is uploaded to Internet some days ago, so the news have already reached the Hungarian composers as well. Last weekend, one of them, RAKONCZAI Viktor was interviewed about this case by
– I have not known about that singer yet. The mode is similar but there is not any similarity like in the example that all cars have 4 wheels. If you write down it to sheet music, you can realize to not find 2 sounds next to each other that would be the same in the other song. You can show it to any kind of music experts for analysing. Kati’s song is uploaded to Internet a month ago and about half a million people listened it, a lot of international fans are among them. No one came to mind this nonsense idea.

After the provokating article of, a Spanish Facebook group has created against false accuses came up against Hungarian and Danish entry.

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