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Romania: Voltaj – Our traditional message is: live your life as you would have 20 years old!



Author: Sándor Mádi

Romania debuted at Eurovision Song Contest in 1994. Since this year they reached the third place 2 occasions, in 2005 and in 2010. Since the introduction of 2 semifinals system they qualified for the grand final every single time, but their results are various. This year group Voltaj will represent the country with the song All over again.

What was your first step in your music career?
We loved music since childhood, we participated in a lot of music competitions. We don’t have musicians in the family, except the father of our drummer who was a great singer in Romania.

What makes a group of people a good team?
We are more than a simple band, we are like a family, we used to take decisions together. There is no leader in our band. There have been many changes in the band over the time, but our passion for music and the support of our fans helped us resist.

This year you were selected to represent Romania at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. What does it mean for you?
It’s a great joy for us and also an honour to represent Romania in such a big contest like Eurovision, with a tradition of 60 years.

If you could pick up only one word which word describes your life best and why (1-1 word)?

Who are your favourite singers?
Queen, Rammstein, Metallica and other rock bands.

This year there are 40 entries in the contest Do you have your favourites?
We listened all the songs. We think that Italy and Sweden have very high chances, but we also have a great song, which has in addition a very strong message, so we go there with confidence.

What would you like to achieve in the contest?
Our aim is to make known the message of the campaign “All over again” to the whole Europe.

What inspires you?
Our inspiration come from what we live, what we love and what we see around us.

Would you like to leave a message for the readers of this interview at ESCHungary?
Our traditional message is: live your life as you would have 20 years old! But we have something else to say: Don’t ever be afraid to start ALL OVER AGAIN!

Thanks to group Voltaj for this interview and special thanks to Bianca Dinescu.
The whole team of ESCHungary wish all the best in Vienna!

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