Representing a country in Eurovision is a small victory in itself.

(C) Eduard Romanyuta - Promotional Photos EUROVISION.TV
(C) Eduard Romanyuta – Promotional Photos EUROVISION.TV

Author: Sándor Mádi

Moldova participated in the Eurovision for the first time in 2005 and they reached their best result, a 6th place. Since the two semifinal system they qualified for the grand final 5 times, but they were not in the top 10. This xear Eduard Romanyuta represents the country with I want your love. Enjoy the interview I made with Eduard!

What was your first step in your music career?
My career began in Ukraine. I was hosting a TV show “Крок до зірок”( Step to the Stars). After this project I began seriously develop my singing talent and I continue to work on it daily since.

This year you were selected to represent Moldova atEurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. What does it mean for you?
The country has shown a great trust. It is not a mere opportunity to partake in a competition. In a sense it is a test drive, where I have to both perform adequately and show my talent to the wider world.

If I know well, you wanted to send your song to the Ukranian selection originally. How this idea came?
Yes, I am going to represent Moldova in Eurovision, but my motherland is Ukraine. It puts even bigger pressure on me, since I have to make TV audience of not just one, but two countries proud. I really would love to join best from Ukraine and Moldova in my performance. After all it has been my idea from the very beginning.

If you could pick up only one word which word describes your life best and why?
Responsibility. I value responsibility in every aspect of my life. I can add a hundred more words, which are of certain importance for me, but responsibility towards myself and people, who trust in me is certainly most important.

Who are your favourite singers?
I would love to have an opportunity to work with Madonna and Lady Gaga. For me they are two most formidable monsters of the industry, in the most positive meaning of this word. I am awed by their talent, creativity, strength of mind, their drive to move forward and be victorious!

This year there are 40 entries in the contest. Do you have your favourites?
All the contestants are great and the songs are very impressive. I am really happy to be in a company of such a talented guys. I am sure that only the best of the best will meet on the finals.

What would you like to achieve in the contest?
To represent a country in Eurovision is a small victory in itself. I really want to show a good performance and be loved by the public. However getting through to the finals and being among winners will be a nice bonus.

What inspires you?
Everything gives me an inspiration. From people around me to songs I am listening to. Music of a good quality for sure is one of the secret sources of my inspiration.

Would you like to leave a message for the readers of this interview at ESCHungary?
Thank you so much for your questions. I hope we will see and hear from each other in the future.

Thanks to Eduard for this interview and special thanks to PR team of Eduard.
The whole team of ESCHungary wish all the best in Vienna!