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Suzy: My song talks about unconditional love and about sharing feelings

suzy_2014Author: MÁDI Sándor

After one year absence Portugal came back to Eurovision this year. 2010 was the last time when they reached the final in Oslo, this year Suzy has the chance to represent her country. Portugal is still waiting for its first ever victory, maybe this happy song will be enough to win the contest? Before getting know this, take a seat and read my interview!

How did your music career start?

I always enjoyed singing and I started my career at a very early age, when I joined the kids group, Onda Choc. I learned a lot back then and much of my past experiences were crucial to my future professional life.

In 1999, together with the musical duo Anjos, I recorded the theme with which I’m still quite known, “Nesta noite branca”, a modern Christmas carol.

After that, I continue my hard working, publishing some solo albums and participating in various musical projects, which led me to work in several Portuguese, Canadian and American cities.

This year you were selected to represent Portugal at Eurovision. What does it mean for you?

To be able to sing as the Portuguese representative in the ESC is a childhood dream, which Emanuel allowed to become a reality. I was only 11 years old when I saw the ESC 1991. I was enormously fascinated with Dulce Pontes’s interpretation and I fell in love with “Lusitânia paixão”. In that precise moment, my desire to be a singer and to eventually compete in the Festival RTP da Canção emerged.

Since I meat Emanuel and embarked on this project, I have worked intensively with him and put all my soul into it. The Festival RTP da Canção 2014 was one of the best in recent years and all the competing songs were amazing and the singers were absolutely fabulous. So, despite having worked really hard, the competition was extremely high and when they announced my name as the winner, I couldn’t believe it! I felt an enormous joy and great pleasure.

I want to thank Emanuel for his trust and all his teaching. I would also like to thank my entire crew and all the fans that voted for me in the semi-final and in the final. We worked hard for this and it’s a great honour and responsibility to represent my country in an international competition.

How was your song created? What’s the message of your song?

Quero ser tua” was specially created by Emanuel to the Portuguese selection 2014, after he was invited to participate. It is a positive and cheerful theme, which creates a very cheerful mood in the audience. Talks of love and sharing feelings. Speaking of true love, when we commit ourselves with body and soul, sincerely and with strong feelings.

That’s what my song talks about. The willing to love unconditionally, respecting everybody and experience the supreme feeling. We want to bring joy and positive feelings to the Eurovision Song Contest. Here in Portugal, we are living quite difficult and hard times. We want to bring joy to everyday life and a positive message. We just want people to believe that things will change and they will change in a very positive way. 

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? If yes, since when?

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve always follow with great interest the Eurovision Song Contest and I’ve always dreamed of participating in one. My family use to gather every year to see it at my place and we use to bet on the possible winner.

Now-a-days, the contest is not as important as it use to be in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s. Also, I’ve been living abroad for the past 2 years. This means that I don’t follow it as I use to.

Who is your favourite Portugese representative from previous years and why?

There are so many Portuguese songs that represented my country in the ESC that I love. I can mention „Desfolhada portuguesa” (69), „Menina do alto da serra” (71), „Uma flor de verde pinho” (76) „Um grande, grande amor” (80), „Bem bom „(82), „Silêncio e tanta gente” (84), „Conquistador” (89), “A cidade até ser dia” (93), „Chamar a música”(94), „Dança comigo” (07), to mention only a few.

Personally, because it has influenced me as a singer very much, I must mention Dulce Pontes and “Lusitânia paixão” (91). I remember all of her participation in Rome and because of it my dream of representing Portugal in the ESC emerged.

Who are your favourite singers? (In the world, not only Eurovision singers.)

So many names, so many great voices. I try to learn from all of them and recreate my own style. I would say I have an admiration for Whitney Houston, Mariah Carrey, Christina Aguilllera and our Dulce Pontes (a huge influence when I was growing).

All these singers have influenced me quite a lot.

This year there will be 37 countries in the contest. Do you have your favourites?

I have heard all the songs now. I think we have a great contest this year: great songs and fantastic singers. There are so many great entries, that it’s difficult for me to pick one or two. Fabulous ballads, great up-tempo songs and amazing ethnic melodies that I like quite a lot.

Nevertheless, there is one thing I don’t particularly like – almost all the songs will be sung in English. I would prefer to see/hear the competing artist singing in their own national language, as it uses to be.

What are your expectations, your main aims at Eurovision?

I must say I like my music quite a lot and I think it can do well in the contest. I must put all my effort in it, do an amazing performance and sing as if the world would end tomorrow.

I so hope I manage to reach the final and get a good score in the end. We never know. It’s always such a surprise – it’s really difficult to predict. As an example, some days ago somebody told me San Marino’s last year entry was one of the hot favourites to win and in the end it didn’t even reach the final. So, I guess anything is possible.

I will put all my effort in doing a job well done and expect the best result ever… Will you help me with that? (laugh!).

What inspires you?

The sea has always had a great influence in the history of Portugal and I was born in a small seaside village in the center of my country. Being Portuguese, the sea has an enormous influence on my well being and in my emotions. I can not live too far from the sea and whenever I need inspiration or peace of mind I walk quietly by the sea.

So I can say that my biggest source of inspiration is the sea and the music of the waves.

Will you relax after the Eurovision party?

My participation in the ESC has been a fantastic experience, but quite stressfull and has demanded a lot from me. Would not trade it for the world, since it’s a childhood dream.

But I will need a holiday after May 11th. I will even need to make a stop and recharge my batteries, together with the people I love most. I will take a little vacation in my seaside hometown village, relax and take many walks by the sea.

Then it’s back to work, preparing my next CD, that I would like to edit this year

What would you like to send to the Hungarian readers and fans of Suzy?

I would like to thank you all and I hope you will support me in Denmark. I hope you like my song, my performance and that I can fill your hearts with joy and happiness.

I so hope you feel proud of me and happy about the return of Portugal to the Eurovision Song Contest.

Köszönöm mindenkinek a támogatást, és mindenkit szeretek! (I really hope this is correct).

Thanks Suzy for this interview and special thanks to Vasco da Camara Pereira.

We wish all the best for you in Copenhagen!

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