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Carl Espen: We should realize that life doesn’t always turn out the way we hope

semi-finalist-carl-espen-1_nor_2014Author: MÁDI Sándor

In 2009 Norway won the Eurovision with the help of Alexander Rybak, and then the contest moved to Oslo in 2010. Last year Margaret Berger finished at the 4th place in Malmö, but this year Carl Espen has the chance to bring the show to his country. We still need to wait some more days to find out if it will be real or not, until this don’t hesitate and read my interview!

How did your singing career start?

Well, I have a fairly short music career behind me. My cousin Josefin Winther, approached me this fall, and showed me a song she had written. I really liked it, and she suggested that we send it to the Norwegian eurovision pre-selections. I said yes, because I felt that this was something I could be proud of, and the song was accepted. So my career started in January this year, and it has been a fantastic adventure so far.

This year you were selected to represent Norway in Copenhagen. What does it mean for you?

It is a enormous honor for me, and symbol of trust from the Norwegian people. I am very humbled by it, and I take it very seriously. When they announced that I was the winner, I felt so happy and proud, and extremely thankful for all the support I have received.

How was your song created, what is the message of it?

Josefin Winther is my cousin, and an established songwriter and artist. She knew that I had a good voice, and that I had a dream about singing for people. In August 2013 she sat down and tried to write a song that was only mine. She felt that I had some difficult feelings inside of me, and that I was searching for my place in the world. She wanted to give me a chance to communicate this through music, and the result was «Silent Storm». She showed it to me, without telling me that it was written for me, and I really liked it. I felt that the lyrics really spoke my feelings, and when she asked if I wanted to sing it, I said yes. The song is about searching for one’s place in the world, and realizing that life didn’t turn out the way you hoped. The message is a growing hope that «someday I’ll be calm».

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? If yes, since when?

Yes, I do. I think most people do watch the international finals, and so have I done most of my life. It’s just a part of a national tradition I think. So when I was a child we watched it at home with my family, and now I watch it my friend’s or at a party.

Who is your favourite Norwegian representative from previous years and why?

I met Margaret Berger at this year’s final, and she was really nice. Also I think her song was really strong, and with a great production.

Who are your favourite singers? (In the world, not only Eurovision singers.)

Jeff Buckley, Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan. I have tatooed album titles from Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams on my forearm.

This year there are 37 countries in the contest. Do you have your favourites?

The level is just so high, and there are so many really experienced artists taking part. I do like Finland’s song and The Netherlands. I love the country-feel to it.

What are your expectations, your main aims at Eurovision?

My main goal is to be able to be present in the lyrics when I sing the song, and never forget what it is all about. It is quite difficult to be in touch with the feelings I sing about, but I know it is important for the song. If people then feel touched by what I do, and realize that it is very important to me, I will be very happy.

What inspires you?

I truly love to listen to music, and I spend a lot of time doing so. So I would say that my main inspiration is good genuine music, and of course also my inner feelings and my life.

What are your plans after Eurovision? Will you relax?

No, I will definitely try to continue building my career. I’m planning to release another single, and the results in Eurovision will have a lot to say as to when and how this is released. But I will keep playing, and singing and meeting new people, playing in new places.

What would you like to say to the Hungarian readers and fans of Carl Espen?

I would like to say thank you. Thank you so much for taking interest in me, and reading my answers. All the support I receive means so much to me, and I wouldn’t be much without all the fans the are there for me. Warms greetings to Hungary from Carl Espen

Thanks Carl Espen for the interview and special thanks to Nina Hafredal.

We wish all the best for you in Copenhagen!

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