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Hungarian National Final 2012: Almost 200 in da house!

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
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As it is excepted very high number of songs, almost 200 pieces were submitted to MTV by the deadline. We could collect info from the MTV’s midday news and the Facebook page of national selection and have learnt that the internal jury is selecting the songs from today morning and according to Kati Wolf’s Facebook entry, it is finished around 10 pm.

Instead of previously announced 16, 20 songs will be selected from the submitted songs to the televised live shows. 2 semifinals and a grand final will be organized and started from the end of this month. The entrant’s list will be announced in some days. According to the impressions of news report, there are 4 members of the internal jury (CSISZÁR Jenő tv and radio presenter, WOLF Kati singer, RÁKAY Philip MTV intendant and VÁRKONYI Attila DJ, presenter), howewer, more than 10 people were in the room of the place of preselection.

The jury is listening the songs many times, in each time they are selecting the best ones and strat the procedure again until they reach the final 20. WOLF Kati told that if almost all the songs will be disco type, the song what is played on a guitar will be a winner.
Or if almost all the songs will be ballads, a disco song will be the best. That’s why the winner song of the selection must be especial.

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