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ESC Hungary: 4 years

[youtube][/youtube]Author: KLÉSZ Imre
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Video: KARDA Beáta – Könyörgés a kedvesemért (Prayer for my darling) – Hungarian NF 1994, 2nd place

The team of proudly announces that our homepage is 4 years old. On 26th September 2005, after the big success of NOX – and as we see, that is the biggest hit of the last decade according to the international fans of ESC – we decided to create a homepage to inform the few Hungarian ESC fans about the latest news, but in Hungarian.

Fortunately, the community is growing year by year. We always try to improve our services, to keep good connection with our national broadcaster and to help for promotion of the actual Hungarian contestant and even the „opponents” as well, if we can. This year, we could organize a promotion trip to Northern Serbia again, Zoli Ádok was interviewed by many local TV and radio channels and newspapers. This year we got a special request from the Turkish Embassy of Budapest with helping of Turkish national broadcaster TRT to organize Hadise quiz for press kits among Hungarian fans. We also had Ádok Zoli quiz as well among Hungarian and foreign fans as well. And now, we managed to get the chance to present another important part of Eurovision that was missing, until today. After the long testing period, we can present a new homepage called „Hogy Volt?” means „How it was?”. We would like to present all the song of national finals of Hungary we organized in the past. Of course, it is a hard work but in every 2nd or 3rd month, we will present a year (we will present NF 1994 at first), with videos of course. Unfortunately there is no chance to watch or buy these songs, that’s why we want to share them to all ESC fans that love Hungarian music. However, the homepage was written in Hungarian, Everyone can enjoy the videos and read the usual statistics without any Hungarian knowledge. Check the homepage at now! Thank you the support from our readers! We will do our best as usual!

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