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Zoli Ádok quiz!

Win a Zoli Ádok promo CD! Answer 5 questions correctly and we will draw 5 dedicated „Dance With Me” CDs among our 5 lucky readers!

The questions:
1. In which edition of Eurovision Song Contest will Zoli perform?
a) 52
b) 54
c) 56

2. In which year topped Hungary to the stage of Eurovision first time?
a) 2004
b) 1984
c) 1994

3. In which city was Zoli born?
a) Szekszárd
b) Szentes
c) Szeged

4. What is the title of Zoli’s entry?
a) Dance with you
b) Dance with me
c) Dance with somebody

5. In which musical has Zoli played?
a) Cats
b) Abigel
c) Romeo and Juliet

1. Send your answers to
2. Send your exact postal address too. If you miss it, your answers will be neglected. In the end of the game, we will eliminate all addresses.
3. The deadline of sending your answers is 03.05.2009.

Good luck!


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