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Promotour: ÁDOK Zoli in Vojvodina, Serbia

adokzoli_szekesAuthor, photos: SZALMA Róbert

In organization of ESCHUNGARY, ÁDOK Zoli had a short roundtrip to Serbia last Tuesday to promote his entry „Dance with me” that will represent the Hungarian Television in the 54. Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

At first, we stopped at the radio studio of Temerin, where Zoli spoke to the local newspaper. The people welcomed him with a lot of affection, it is very rare to meet famous people from Hungary at their home town. The contributors of the radio station promised to do their best to help to promote his entry to have more votes in May.

Our second stop was the cable tv ExPress Channel of Reference Company of Bačka Topola. The crew of ExPress Channel was waiting for us. The interview they made will be put by some other TV stations to their programmes until 12 May in Vojvodina.

In the studio of Régió Radio Zoli was asked by the radio listeners. He spoke about his work in connection with Eurovision, about work in theatres and about his plans as well. There was a quiz organized, where the listeners could win ÁDOK Zoli’s promo CDs. Zoli visited some interests of Bačka Topola, the temple of Sarlós Boldogasszony was his favourite.

We arrived to Subotica early in the evening, a couple of radio reporters waited for Zoli to ask questions. Zoli spoke about his song and about the dancers who will join him on the stage of Moscow. After the questions, Zoli relaxed by walking on the Corso of Subotica. He attended the Art Nouveau styled City Hall. Zoli tried out the chair of justice of the peace in the hall of nuptial ceremony and ascended the throne in the main board-room. Zoli was interviewed by Pannon TV and Pannon radio as well in the green room of the City hall. The interviews will be published in a lot of different local newspapers as well.

During the travel back to Hungary, we stopped in Palić for sights, but the time was not enough to see everything, so he decided to come back later.

It was only a day but Zoli was interviewed many times and he could meet a lot of nice and helpful people. Thank for them for helping to promote Zoli to have success in Moscow, on 14 May.

More photos here

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