New album of RÚZSA Magdi (ESC 2007) released on November 5

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: CLS Records

RÚZSA Magdi releases her second album named Iránytű (Compass) with new songs. Although she already has 2 albums – one of the songs from Hungarian Pip Idol show “Megasztár” and a concert album plus an “Unsubstantial Blues” maxi single.

You can order the album with 13 songs on internet before share out for music shops. Magdi and his group made a video for the track 12 called “Rövid utazás” (Short journey). The album is much “riper” and solider than her previous one according to her record label CLS Records.

Magdi ended on 9th place with her song “Unsubstantial Blues” in the final of Eurovision 2007.


Magdi Ruzsa is a great singer !! I will buy her new album. I can’t wait to hear it !! Good Luck for Magdi and I hope her new album is just as great as her first album !!

Best regards from The Netherlands,

Ria van de Velde

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