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Freaky Fortune ft. Risky Kidd: We wanted to write a song filled with positive energy

freakyfortune-riskykidd-highres-1Author: MÁDI Sándor

Greece is one of the lucky countries, which made it to the final every single occasion since the introduction of semifinals. Last year the free alcohol brought them a 6th place, this year the Freaky Fortune duo and Risky Kidd rapper represent the Greeks with the song „Rise up”. We only have some days left ’til the Eurovision final and then we will know if we would go to Athen next year, but until this, ready the interview I made with the guys!

When did your singing career start?

Our career started in 2011 as Freaky Fortune, when we won the Perez Hilton cover contest…and this was what boosted us up and Universal Greece made us the proposal to cooperate! This is how we started with our three first singles. Generally though speaking, we have started our career since we were little kids 

Risky Kidd started two years ago, in 2012, participating in many rap parts of many hits in Greece and in many dance concerts, with a huge success in featuring Helena Paparizou in the song ’All the time’.

This year you were selected to represent Greece at Eurovision. What were your first impressions when you heared your names as a winner?

Our first impression was that we….have just started risen up! To be honest with you we couldn’t believe there was a chance of winning! We took part in our national final, as we wanted to communicate our music to Youth in Greece and abroad. We had first written the song for our new single, but when our Label (Panik Music) make us the proposition to participate to our national preselection, we thought ’Rise Up’ was the perfect song for the occasion.

What does it mean for you representing your country at Eurovision?

It is a great honour for all three of us to represent Greece, as our country is facing big financial problems and thus we want through our song to give a boost up to our youth, to encourage them to RISE UP, surpass our problems and face life from a positive point of view. Youth can change the world, therefore we will try our best for our country and we wish to keep Greece to the best ranking levels. We hope people like our way of ’rising up’!

What’s the message of your song, Rise up?

We wanted to write a song filled with positive energy. The urge to rise up above all difficulties and “jump out of what keeps us down” is the message that we wanted to communicate and pass it all over Europe and especially pass it to younger people like us. Everyday stimuli, everyday life, every moment, everyone’s smile and positive feelings that most of the times contradicts to the political and economical situation around us is what gave inspiration to us to compose the soundtrack of what we perceive…. As the most uplifting movement„#RiseUp” which is fastly spreading across Europe!  The message shall pass though out Europe, the next generation of people will Rise Up and rise on with light. We would like to send this message to dance-on Europe until we all “fly above the ground” with our hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow.

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest?

We are really keen on Eurovision as it is a paneuropean music contest and it gives a fair chance to all artists to show what they deserve, communicate their music, meet with other artists and important people from the global music industry. Our first year was 7 years ago.

Who are your favourite singers? (In the world, not only Eurovision singers.)

Our favorite singers are Coldplay, Björk, Radiohead, Muse

Greece have sent many successfull artists to Eurovision. Which former Greek participant are your favourite?

Die for you from Helena Paparizou.

Do you have your favourite winning song from the Eurovision?

Yes, it’s of course Euphoria!

This year there are 37 participating countries in the contest. Do you have your favorites?

We really like that each song has itw own style and rythm. Among all we like the song of UK, Denmark, France, Belgium and Armenia.

Are you still working on the choreography? Is it going to be different we saw at Greek National Final?

Yap! We are daily working on the choreography and movements on stage, rehearsing hard for the best outcome. It is totally different from our National Final…and we can’t wait for your opinion!

What are your expectations, your main aims at Eurovision?

Our main target is to communicate our music genre to people in Europe and beyond. We write both the music and the lyrics in our songs, and we write mostly in English. In addition to that we represent contemporary music sounds, uptempo songs, song that goes really along with international music concerts and festivals. We hope through the Contest, people to get to know us and open our horizons beyond the Greek borders.

What inspires you?

Our inspirations come from our daily life, our daily problems, our passions, our hobbies, from everything that is around us! Needless to mention that we study music continuously, a fact that inspires us to experiment with famous artists’ pioneering ideas and conceptions!

What are your plans after Eurovision? Will you relax?

Even though we are relaxed people, we would not like to rest after the concert. In fact we wish to have many proposals for international cooperations. We will moreover release some news songs right after.

What would you like to send to the Hungarian readers and fans of Freaky Fortune feat. Risky Kidd?

We would really like to thank you for your great ’hug’ and we wish all the best to Hungary! We would like to dedicate you a youtube video that we made… it is a medley with winning songs from 2004 until 2013

Join us and come RISE UP!

Τhank youuuuuuu!

Thank Freaky Fortune ft. Risky Kidd for this interview and special thanks to Monica Papadatou.

We wish all the best for you in Copenhagen!

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