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Conchita Wurst: I am a person who stands for what I believe in



Author: MÁDI Sándor

Austria came back to Eurovision in 2011, after 3 years absence. That year they qualified for the Grand Final, but the 2 coming years were not that successfull. This time Conchita Wurst has the right to represent his country and maybe come home with the trophy. We still have some days to get know this, so take a seat and read my interview!

When did your singing career start?

It was in 2007 when I appeard on the Austrian version of ‘American idol’ called ‘Starmania’. I finished 2nd back then.

In 2012 you also tried to represent Austria with the song „That’s what I am”. Which song is closer to your heart: your entry from 2012 or „Rise like a phoenix”?

Definitly ‘Rise like a phoenix’, don’t get me wrong I love ‘That’s what i am’ but my new entry is even more me. I just love the ‘James Bond’ feeling.

This year you were selected to represent Austria. What does it mean for you?

First of all, it always was a personal goal to be part of the ESC. And now my dream came true. Representing a whole country is total overwhelming.

How was your song created, what is the main message of it?

The song was written by four writers and came to me in the middle of january, so actually quiet late. But i fell in love imediatelly because it is a message i, and i think everybody, can relate on. It is about going through bad times and grow out as a better and stronger person.

You are not only representing your country, but also the importance of tolerance.

I’m a person who speaks out what I believe in. It is just something I need to say. And I really try to change some minds. It is not just a surface you see, there is always more.

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? If yes, since when?

As far as I can remember I always watched it with my mom.

Who are your favourite singers? (In the world, not only Eurovision singers.)

Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Beyonce and many more 🙂

This year there will be 37 countries in the contest. Do you have your favourites?

Yes I do! I love Spain’s entry! Beside this I really like Sweden, Portugal and Armenia.

What are your expectations, your main aims at Eurovision?

I don’t have expectations, never. I dream and wish things 🙂 and I would dream of a ‘perfect’ performance. I’m my worst critic, and I never please myself. Going off the stage and saying to myself that I’ve done a great job, would be my dream.

What inspires you?

Everything… I get inspired by so many different things and people.

What are your plans after Eurovision? Will you relax?

I have no idea 🙂 We will see.

What would you like to send to the Hungarian readers and fans of Conchita Wurst?

Well first of all, thank you so much for your support! I really appreciate that! Hopefully I’m gonna see some of you in Copenhagen! And one thing: I know it sounds so cheesy, but it is a fact that we only have this one life, please create your own wonderland and live your life however you want it. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Thanks Conchita Wurst for this interview and special thanks to René Berto.

We wish all the best on Copenhagen!

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