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Krista Siegfrids: The bigger the better, the crazier even better!

Krista pictureAuthor: Sándor Mádi


Our next interviewee is Krista Siegfrids, who will represent Finland at Eurovision Song Contest with the song Marry me!

At first, I’d like to say thank you for taking your time for this interview.

Thank you! Sorry it has taken me a while – the schedule has been crazy! But it has been amazing too! I have been working 5 to 5! From 5 am to 5 am! Hahaha! Well, nearly! But it is great to speak now! 🙂

How your singer carrier started? Have you ever dreamed as a girl of becoming a singer later?

I have always been singing! Since I was five! Since I heard Carola’s ‘Fångad av en stormvind’. I was obsessed! I used to sing and perform it all the time! My favorite was the wind machine and I used the hair dryer as one! So yes, I have been singing and performing all my life!

You were chosen to represent Finland at Eurovision. What did you feel when you name was announced as the winner of the UMK?

– It’s a dream come true! I’ve always been a huge Eurovision fan 🙂 It was amazing! Totally OMG! I believed in my Team Ding Dong all the time and I thought that we had a chance to win! I think that the Finnish people voted for us because they liked the crazy show. Finland is not used to these kinds of show numbers, so I think they liked it very much. It was special among the other numbers.

Have you thought before representing your country at Eurovision?

Yes! But now I had the perfect song and show! So we participated and won! So cool! I’m really honored and happy to represent Finland in The Eurovision song contest. It’s a dream come true!

How was your song created?

I think that Marry Me is a really catchy song and I hope that people around Europe will like our energetic and crazy performance! We wanna make whole Europe go DiNG DoNG! Vote for happiness, girl power, craziness and love!

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? If yes, which year was your first?

Every year! And I remember them all since 1991!

Who are your favourite singers?

So many people have asked me this! And I always answer: There are so many! There are so many good singers! I cannot name one, two, five – there are too many! Which is great! Music is so important. 🙂

At Eurovision: Carola, Ruslana, Celine Dion…so many here too! Every year at least 10! 🙂

This year there will be 39 countries in the contest. Do you have your own favourites?

There are so many good songs and artists. I love ByeAlex, he’s really cool. It’s also cool that Bonnie Tyler is competing in ESC. I’ve been admiring her voice since I was a little kid!!! Hope I get to take a fan picture with her 🙂

The official video of your song is already out. How was the director?

I‘ve always wanted to do a music video. This is the first one and I’m really proud of it. I think it’s hilarious! 🙂 Love the script that my favorite director Elias Koskimies did! I just want people to watch it and love it! I think music videos are important for an artists career. You get to know the artist better if you have music videos.

As far as I know you support equality in marriage.

I believe in love! Always love!

What are your plans for Malmö?

The show is really important. So it’s gonna be big! Full of surprises! I want to entertain and it is important that everybody is having fun! The bigger the better, the crazier even better! So it will be a great show, for sure! With a huge wind machine because I love the wind machine!

You mentioned so many times Team Ding Dong. Tell me, who created this group.

I love Team Ding Dong! They are the best! We are doing this together, all of Team Ding Dong! We have this ongoing party going on! Fun! Party! Everybody is welcome, just join Team Ding Dong! So it is a complete team effort with attitude and fun! Girl power! I’ve known the girls a long time and we always have so much fun! So join us!

Do you feel pressure to do well at Eurovision?

No, I want to perform really well with a great show! It’s going to be so great! You must watch the 16th of May! And vote and MARRY ME! Hahaha!

What are your expectations about the Eurovision? What are your main aims this year?

To have a really good time! I have been a huuuge fan since I was 5 and I have followed ESC every year. It is the biggest and craziest party in the world and we will make it even bigger and crazier! So we are of course aiming high – and having a lot of fun at the same time!

What inspire you?

People! I love people! People and love! 🙂 My life!

Do you have a message for the Hungarian reads and fans of Krista Siegfrids?

I absolutely love Hungary! We have some same words too in Finnish and Hungarian! Kirves for instance which means an axe in Finnish! Hungarian is very beautiful – language, people, country! You rock!

Thank you for Krista Siegfrids for this interview and special thanks for Pia Ljungman!

We wish all the best in Malmö!

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