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Dorians: Our purpose is neither to win, nor to lose in Malmö

doriansAuthor: Mádi Sándor

This time I had the chance to make an interview with Dorians, who will represent Armenia at Eurovision Song Contest.

How your singer carrier started? How was your band created?

– Our band was founded as a cover band in 2008 and was named “Gor and friends”. Back then we used to play mostly the songs by Led Zeppelin, as it’s one of our most favorite bands till nowadays. But in less than a year we went through some major rearrangements: “Gor and Friends” was renamed to “Dorians” and in the line with covers we began producing our own songs. This is our story:)

The band, Dorians were choosen to represent Armenia at Eurovision Song Contest. How did it come to choose you? Have you ever thought about taking part in this competition before?

– Armenian Public Television asked us to represent Armenia at Eurovision and we kindly accepted the request, as we were interested in representing our country at the song contest in an alternative way, with a rock band and rock music.

Now what about the thoughts of taking part in the competition before; actually last year, we were openly willing to represent Armenia in Azerbaijan, our song was even released, but as our country decided that it’s not going to take part at Eurovision-2012, we were totally fine with the decision.

And one more thing, Gor Sujyan even took part at Eurovision-2010 as a back vocalist.

From how many songs did you choose those ones were at national selection in March?

Oh, we recieved soo many songs from all over the world.

How the song (Lonely planet) was created?

As you might already know the music of our song was written by Toni Iommi, who is best known as a founder member of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Our manager asked him to write a song for our entry and he kindly accepted the request. When we received the music from Tony Iommi, we passed it to Vardan Zadoyan who wrote the lyrics of “Lonely Planet”. Vardan Zadoyan is the creative producer of the band and writes our lyrics.

What’s the message of your song?

-Let us put it this way- Our song is about “Lonely Planet”, but not just about planet Earth. It is about all of us. We think that everyone has their own inner lonely planet. So, if we want to live in a better world, each of us has to behave in a way that makes the world better. This is the message of our song. We really hope that it will reach and touch the audience.

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? (If yes, which year was your first?)

-We don’t remember which year was our first but we do follow Eurovision from time to time and we want to thank the song contest for the ABBA. Everybody knows that they achieved worldwide fame in 1974 when they won the Eurovision song contest and their song „Waterloo” topped charts all over the globe.

Who are your favourite singers? (In the world, not only Eurovision singers!)

-Led Zeppelin; as we told before it had its own influence on the formation of our band.

Who are your favourite singers? (At Eurovision)

-We don’t want to point out just one of them, as there were so many good artists who took part in Eurovision.

This year there will be 39 countries in the contest. Have you listened any of the songs? If yes, who are your main competitors and what are your favourite songs?

-First of all let us tell that we respect all of the representatives from different countries and we don’t find any of them as an opponent for us, they are our colleagues. But we would like to point out the entries of Malta and Italy.

The official video of the song is out. It’s a unique one, I haven’t seen similar before. How was it created?

Thank for your kind words:) The idea belongs to our creative producer Vardan Zadoyan.

What are your plans for Malmö?  (Stage, dancers etc…)

Let’s keep it a secret, so it’ll be a surprise for the audience

What are your expectations about the Eurovision? What are your main aims this year?

Well, actually our purpose is neither to win, nor to lose in Malmo; we are going to do our best as artists and we are going to try not to disappoint people who love and support us.

Where from do you get your inspirations?

There are so many bands that have inspired and are still inspiring us. Some of those bands are “Led Zeppelin”, “Pink Floyd”, “Deep Purple” and so on. We also are always being inspired by nature and by justice.

Do you have a message for the Hungarian readers and fans of Dorians?


Hi dear reader and fans! Thanks for the love and support you show! Keep enjoying our music which is going to be presented at Eurovision and believe in us, we will try our best not to disappoint you!

Thank you for Dorians for the interview, and special thanks for Dina Hovhannisyan for her help. We wish all the best for you in Malmö!

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