A Dal 2013: Second heat tonight!

dal_magdiCorresponder: Imre Klész
Source: MTVA – old.eschungary.hu
Streams on Internet from 20:15 CET: www.adal2013.hu “Videótár”
A Dal 2013 on Satellite: Eurobird 9A, Galaxy 25, NSS 806, Optus D2. Details: http://dunaworld.hu/veteli_lehetosegek.html

Hungary is presenting the second heat of A Dal 2013 Hungarian national final tonight. The rules are the same like last weekend: 3 songs will be selected by jury, and viewers from every country in the World can send SMS for normal prices (or the price to send an SMS to Hungary) for the rest. Public also will send 3 songs to the next round.

To avoid heavy internet traffic with stream problems, we suggest to use the link of Duna World or set up your satellite dish to your closest orbital position.

The line up of the 2nd heat:
Gáspár Laci & Plastikhead – A szeretet él
Odett – Ne engedj el
Szabó Ádám – Hadd legyen más
Völgyesi Gabi – Csak te légy
Éliás Gyula – Mindhalálig várni rád
Rami – Puzzle
Vastag Tamás – Holnaptól
ByeAlex – Kedvesem
Janicsák Veca – Új generáció
Kállay Saunders András – My Baby