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Worldwide success for Compact Disco

The Hungarian ESC entry “Sound of Our Hearts” already released in more than 13 countries
(MTVA Press Release)

There is a growing level of interest for Compact Disco’s song “Sound of Our Hearts”. As a result, the song and its remixes have been released in numerous European territories: in Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) and in Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania) by the Swedish label Family Tree Records, in Austria and Germany by the German label “Mole” which also published Yonderboi’s album, in Italy by the publisher called Toco, furthermore in Russia and Bulgaria. Negotiations are going on with independent labels in the Benelux states, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Mexico. It is a curiosity that besides Europe the single will be released in South-Africa as well.

From all Hungarian ESC representatives, the band Compact Disco carried out the most intense international promotional campaign in the hope for success at the Eurovision Song Contest. The four members toured in seven countries during the past weeks and met three of their competitors visiting Hungary. The promotional tour kicked-off to territories in the neighbouring countries where Hungarians live. They received a warm welcome in Vojvodina (Serbia), Transsylvania (Romania), Transcarpathia (Ukraine) and Upper-Hungary (Slovakia) where they met the Slovakian ESC representative.

During their promotional activities they met the Azeri and Albanian participants and in Szombathely (Western Hungary) they met for a beer with the Austrian Trackshittaz. These meetings were followed by participations in the biggest Eurovision promo events in Amsterdam and in London where they also performed a gig for the local Hungarians in front of very special guests: the band Stereo MC’s were invited by Compact Disco’s management to see their concert.

The final station of their intense promo tour will be a tv-show appearance in Israel.

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