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Compact Disco: Rehearsals and video shooting in Baku

[youtube][/youtube]CLS Records press release
Video attachment: music for the new video

The second rehearsal of Hungarian hopefuls Compact Disco took place on Friday in Baku’s Crystal Hall. The guys seemed really pleased as they were leaving the stage, where they performed Sound Of Our Hearts four times, and this time with pyro effects.

In the afternoon the band held a press conference, during which they were surprised that journalists from all over the world arrived perfectly prepared „on them”: they chatted about everything from Depeche Mode to Liszt, some were even interested in why the artwork of the album cover had been changed. Later on they wrapped up the busy day with 15 radio and tv interviews in the Eurovision Press Center.

On Saturday half of the band participated in an adventurous trip to the Absheron peninsula, where they visited, amongst other historical and architectural sights, the Zoroastrian Atashgah or Fire Temple in Surakhani, where the burning torches are fed by the underlying natural gas field (see picture).

In the evening Compact Disco attended the official opening reception of the Eurovision Song Contest, which was held in Euroclub. Where singer Csaba Walkó made many funny interviews for FiFi TV Hungary Watch out for the videos later

Compact Disco has fallen in love with Baku. This made them to decide to shoot a video to one of the songs released on their Fonogram nominated second album. The chosen track is Part of You, which is a very impulsive, fast happy track, perfect for the summer. Azerbaican, and Xazar TV supports the band so they helped them with providing all needed technic, as the script of the video is about showing the nicest part of the city daytime and night time.

Check out the music of the forthcoming video here:

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