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Compact Disco news flash from Baku

Source: CLS Records press release

Compact Disco’s visit to Baku is watched with a huge level of interest. The guys are greatly enjoying local hospitality and trying to accommodate every interview request and accept all invitations. On Wednesday they were guests at the local Jazz Club, where they performed in front of Baku’s Hungarian ambassador and his VIP guests, a cheerful local audience and many members of various delegations of the Eurovision Song Contest.

After the one-and-a-half-hour-long live concert, the singer of the band, Csaba was surprised by a big cake, as he celebrated his birthday yesterday (Thursday). Among those who congratulated the singer was Rona Nishliu from Albania, the Austrian Trackshittaz, the Portuguese singer Filipa Sousa, Rambo Amadeus from Montenegro and Eva Boto, the Slovenian contestant. The boys were planning a sightseeing trip for Thursday, but thanks to the successful gig, they received an invitation to the most popular Baku radio station Burc FM’s live morning show, where they were chatting for an hour, and of course, Sound Of Our Hearts was also played. Later that day, Compact Disco member Begi was interviewed in Xezer TV’s live show. They are trying to make up for the cancelled sightseeing, but definitely not today, as they are about to go on stage in the Crystal Hall for their second rehearsal, and right after that they will hold their first press conference.

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