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Compact Disco is getting ready for London

MTVA’s press release

Hungary’s Eurovision contestants went to Szombathely to meet their Austrian counterpart Trackshittaz on Thursday, and welcomed the Albanian contestant Rona Nishliu at the Hungarian Television on Friday. The group will jet to the United Kingdom tomorrow where they will give a live performance to Hungarians living in the UK’s capital city at the London Eurovision Party.

Last month, Azerbaijan’s Sabrina Babayeva has also enjoyed a warm Hungarian welcome when she visited the country and met Compact Disco. Now Trackshittaz and Rona Nishliu can experience the Hungarian hospitality. The Albanian contestant will have a busy day ahead of her on Friday, appearing on several television and radio shows.
The group has been very busy lately. Ever since the Eurovision Song Contest National Competition, their days have been been filled with performances and media events. They last performed in Amsterdam, where they played their song „Sound of Our Hearts” live alongside their fellow Eurovision contestants. Before the Dutch appearance, they have also performed to Hungarians living abroad in the Ukraine (Carpatia), Serbia, Romania (Transilvania), and Slovakia, where they met Max Jason Mai, the country’s representative at the contest.

On April 28th, Compact Disco will perform in front of a Hungarian audience in Club Kolis in London, along with last year’s contestant, Kati Wolf. On the following day, they will play at The London Eurovision Party in the Shadow Lounge.

On May 1st, it’s all about Hungary. Jenson Button, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes pilot, will show off in the heart of Budapest at the Vodafone Downtown Grand Prix, followed by the concert where Compact Disco and other participants of the National Eurovision Show will perform at the public media’s picnic.

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