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Kati update: Disco Ball Kicked Off!

Source: MTV press release

Kati Wolf will take the stage at the Eurovision Song Contest accompanied by three dance artists, and two vocalists. The Hungarian performers gave an introduction at a public dance rehearsal in Budapest Thursday afternoon, where they gave a little taste of their ESC performance.




Kati Wolf’s first public dance rehearsal started off with a bit of a scare. One of her dancers, István Makár’s double flip worked out so well, that he kicked the disco ball from the ceiling. After the crashing intro, the dance rehearsal went on fine. The staging and most parts of the choreography is starting to get together as a whole. The moves were created by one of Hungary’s most appreciated dance artists Timi Papp. As a choreographer and dancer for Zoli Ádok (ESC 2009) she is not only familiar with ESC, but with other big television productions. On behalf of Hungarian Television, Attila Várkonyi Eurovision project manager points out, that both, staging and visualization are very important. The director known by the name Indian, is not only present at each and every rehearsal to supervise the staging, but he is the one who dreamt up Kati’s new video.

The popular singer is competing with her English-Hungarian single What about my dreams (Szerelem, miért múlsz?) in which two background singers will be helping her out during the performance. The two ladies, Rita Ambrus and Edit Jármai are both experienced performers, but not only the two girls will help Kati perform her song. Two of the three guys in the back are musical actors, so Zsolt Szentirmai and Zsolt Ernő Kiss will not only dance, but they’ll join the girls in the vocal section. Even though, István Makár doesn’t sing, Timi Papp assigned him a very important part in the choreography. At the beginning of the rehearsal the glass ball “took a flight” thanks to these spectacular dance routines.

Videoblog: Watch The First Dance Rehearsal!


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