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Hungary sends Kati Wolf to Eurovision!

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: MTV Press
“What about my dreams?” will represent Hungary at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest
Kati Wolf’s song “What about my dreams?” released in February will represent Hungary and Hungarian Television at the 56th Eurovision Song Contest, as the public service broadcaster announced at a press conference on last Wednesday.

Hungarian Television (MTV) announced at a press conference that their Eurovision entry this year will be the song “What about my dreams?” (Hungarian version: “Szerelem, miért múlsz?”) written by Viktor Rakonczai – Gergő Rácz – Péter Geszti, performed by Kati Wolf. This year’s song to represent Hungarian Television was selected through internal selection.
Attila Várkonyi, who is the Executive Producer responsible for the Hungarian entry, said about the selection process: “We have never experienced such a great cohesion and support as in the case of Kati. Fans and viewers, from Hungary and abroad sent us hundreds of letters right after the release of the song that this is the one they want for Eurovision. As a conclusion, we were in the lucky position that both the Hungarian and international audience, and music professionals supported the song which helped us a lot in making the final decision, said Várkonyi, who is also a well-known DJ in Hungary.
The Hungarian Eurovision Song Contest entry was composed by Viktor Rakonczay and Gergő Rácz, the Hungarian lyrics were written by Péter Geszti and the English lyrics by Johnny K. Palmer.
“What about my dreams?” brings back the atmosphere of the disco music of the 80ies, in which I grew up and which I love, but the modern arrangement makes it up-to-date. This song represents the way I am, it is just like me and it makes me very happy that the audience likes it too! I am sure that all the 100 million viewers from across Europe and Hungary will love it too.” – said Kati Wolf.
Kati Wolf will perform her song in a mix of English and Hungarian at the First Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest on 10 May and if she makes it to the Final, on the 14 May too. The Hungarian public service channel m1 will broadcast both Semi Finals and the Final live from Düsseldorf.
Background, biographies
Kati Wolf The first time Hungarians took her in their heart was back in 1981, when she sang the title song of the animated film „Vuk” as a little girl. Kati continued to make music and she graduated as solfege teacher – chorus master at the Hungarian Music Academy. She worked with numerous bands in different genres but her big breakthrough came in 2010 when she became finalist of the Hungarian version of the talent show called „X-Factor”. Kati, who is mother of two little children, started to work on her first solo album at the beginning of this year and her first single became a big succes immediately.

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