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Eurovision 2010: Without Hungary

hun-redonyCorresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: MTV –

According to the news about Hungarian Television MTV appeared in last months, we were not surprised about the official announcement we got from the press office of MTV today. Arguments have been in progress for months about funding requirements of national broadcaster. Cutting the budget and more distractions suggested by the government and the advisory board of MTV foundation (it controls the running of MTV, members are suggested by political parties) exposes to danger the running of MTV.

The managing director of MTV started to reduce all costs for surviving. MTV hasn’t had a president for more than 600 days, because of political reasons. After making an end of lot of popular programmes and intention for selling the rights of prestigious sport events, it was clear that Eurovision would also be missed. According to the managing director, this situation is caused by serial political decisions. The so called „media law” that rules the national broadcaster is archaic, politicians have not been able to reform it for years. It is known that Hungary did not participate in Eurovision 2006, that could mean there is no Eurovision in the year of elections, just budget-cutting.

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