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Hungary presents its song at Fonogram again: Mark – If you wanna party

hungaryCorresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: MTV press release

Hungarian jury got 105 songs for Eurovision 2009, even from the Unided Kingdom and Germany. The jury has worked all the day and made their decision, a song from a Swedish composer Figge Boström will be sent to Moscow, performed by the 19-year-old Mark who was born in Germany. LENGYEL Zsolt, member of the jury told about their choosing: – The most important viewpoints were that the song will be suitable for the european trends and special trends of Eurovision too, and the song will be able to has a strong stage performance at Moscow.

The title of his song is „How we party”,  however, the song has Hungarian version too, he will sing in English.

The members of jury were: SZULÁK Andrea (ESC 1993 – pre-qualifying round); LENGYEL Zsolt director, he managed the Hungarian version of Pop Idol, and he also created the new design elemets of MTV’s evening news; SZŰTS László, member of presidency of MAHASZ (Association of Hungarian Record Publishers); GUNDEL TAKÁCS Gábor tv presenter, riporter, the Hungarian commentator of Eurovision recently; and HARSÁNYI Levente tv presenter, the host of Hungarian NF 2008.

You can listen the song here:

The song will be presented at Fonogram Gala again, starts on 11th February, at 20:10 CET. You can watch the show live through m1 and through Internet stream too.

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