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Hungary: Authors to query the jury’s decision

hungaryCorresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
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Maybe this is the first time, when everybody is very excited about Eurovision in Hungary. It is started with the internal choosing of the jury. The Hungarian Broadcaster MTV published the conditions of sending a song, and after the deadline, the 5 membered professional jury listened all the songs all day long in the next day.

Everybody were at shock when MTV announced that Mark will be the next Hungarian entrant of Eurovision. After the comments of the international readers of, also published the video of Swedish Big Brother. On the next morning, everybody knew that the jury have to change its mind. Before the decision, the management of Mark announced that the song is not plagium, because it was written by the same composer. So, because of the „1st of October” rule, it breaks the rules of EBU. The professional jury of MTV choose another song, that is the soundtrack of the succesful comedy movie „Valami Amerika 2”. Almost everybody was contented but the readers of commented that they know some other entrants and their song would better. The big confusion icreased. Today, the Alliance of Hungarian Popular Music Composers and Songwriters published an open letter to protest the choosing method of MTV. They stated that the jury didn’t have enough time to have the right choosing. Moreover the jury was not professional. They didn’t understand why that jury decide the song instead of public voting, because of Eurovision is about to entertain the audience, not the jury. The alliance claims that the right  author and songwriter are have to be from his or her motherland. And they also claimed to make public all the songs.

MTV published an answer, and they explained the rules of EBU. MTV is keeping all the rules. Using of internal jury is usual, the jury had enough time to make the right decision, the song „Magányos csónak” is totally Hungarian. EBU give the rights to the national broadcasters in what way they want to choose a song and send to the international song contest. The jury chose the right song all day long, they were television and other professionals from music industry. The point was to send a song that is the most suitable to the semifinal of Eurovision.

The homepage published an open call to all the other singers they sent a song to MTV to publish them on their radio stream.

Finally, the second song became the first, Kátya will travel to Moscow and we wish her good luck!

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