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Members of De Toppers changing UPDATED

Author: Arthur Moolenburgh
Source: Dutch media

Today, Gerard Joling decided to leave DE TOPPERS. The reason for this decision were the ongoing quarrels with groupmember Gordon. Both personalities regulary shout unfriendly things about eachother in the press, but they always
get back to eachother. Now Gerard Joling made up his mind and decided to leave the group.

Gerard Joling is mad at Gordon because Gordon said several things like: Gerard is too weak because he wasnt allowed by his employee (a commercial broadcoaster SBS) to cooperate on a reallife soap on the TOPPERS which would be broadcasted by the public TV. SBS said Gerard Joling is not allowed to be seen in programs for other TV-stations. Another thing is that Gordon all the time shout he is the best singer of the group, while in fact he has the least succes of all singers considering their solo-carreer. Third: The manager of DE TOPPERS was brought to hospital. The groupmember decided not to talk about this to press, but Gordon did so, which irritated Joling. These 3 reasons made him decide to quit the group.
The Dutch public broadcoaster, NOS, stated that without Gerard Joling there is no ‘DE TOPPERS’ and NOS will continue
to find another act. Nothing is clear about that yet.

Jeroen van der Boom (1972) will replace Gerard Joling as the third „Topper”. This weekend, Gerard Joling decided not to go to Moscow with the Toppers due to continueing quarrels with co-singer Gordon.

This weekend Gerard Joling decided to quit and later on he said: I will not go to the Eurovision Song Contest, because then I am with Gordon all the time, but I will do the Toppers-concerts. Finally it was decided that it was all or nothing for Gerard, so it became nothing.

Biography Jeroen van der Boom:
Started as TV-presenter for Call-TV, Explosief and Domino Day. In 2002 he started a production company for TV-programs, he played in a dinnershow, did voice-over and took place in the cabaret of popular TV-program Koppensnellers. Only in 2006 he released his first CD with cover-songs. In july 2007 he released the single: ‘Jij  bent zo’ and reached number 1 position in Netherlands and Flanders. In November ‘Een wereld’ which reached no.1 as well.

For NOS this seems to be the best solution, otherwise they should have looked for a new candidate.

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