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Israel: Nadav Guedj – I spend every hour with preparing for the stage performance

Fotó: Ortal Ziv Dahan

Fotó: Ortal Ziv Dahan

Author: Sándor Mádi

Israel is one of the countries that didn’t make it to the final since 2010. They won the contest 3 times, last time thanks to Dana International the Eurovision moved to Jerusalem in 1999. This year the young, only 16 years old Nadav Guedj will represent the country with the song Golden boy. Will Israel make it to the final? We will know it soon, until this read the interview I made with Nadav!

You won „Rising Star” in Israel. Was that your first step in your music career?

Yes, participating and winning „Hakochav Haba” – „Rising Star” was the first real step I ever done in the music industry.

This year you were selected to represent Israel at Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. What does it mean for you?

I know I’m very fortunate. Being only 16 years old I was given a chance of a lifetime to pursuit music, visit new places and meet so many different interesting people. This is why I’m super focused on the contest and practically spend every hour I get to prepare for the stage performance.

Your song is Golden boy. What’s the message of your entry?

„Golden boy” is all about a broken hearted young guy who decides to get out of his bad mood by taking a break of three minutes and letting himself loose.

If you could pick up only one word which word describes your whole life and why?


Who are your favourite singers?

Pharell Williams, Timbaland, Jay-Z, Snoop dog and Usher. I listen to their music practically every day.

This year there will be 39 more contestants in the contest. Do you have your favourites?

I heard many of the songs and my top favorite, right now, is the Australian entry

What would you like to achieve in the contest?

I hope to bring a fresh combination of European-Mediterranean sounds and influences to the contest. I really hope everyone would like it.

What inspires you?

I love to get inspired by a wide range of genres and different kinds of music so I always listen to so many artists. I spend hours in front of my PC in search for new music

Would you like to leave a message for the readers of this interview at ESCHungary?

I feel that the Eurovision competition is all about celebrating diversity and culture through music. I Hope to Dance together with all my Hungarian brothers and sisters.

Thanks to Nadav Guedj for taking your time and special thanks to Amnon Szpektor.

The whole team of ESCHungary wish all the best in Vienna!

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