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Who See ft. Nina: We hope to get into the final

who-see-ninaAuthor: Mádi Sándor

This time I made an interview with the Montenegrin representatives, Who See and Nina. They will sing Igranka (Dance) in the first semi-final.

When your carrier started? How was the beginning?

It all started long ago in 2000. We have emerged rhymes from both volumes and the story began.

You were selected to represent Montenegro at Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö. How did you get the information that you were selected?

At first we were surprised that someone thought of us, and there was a suspicion that perhaps RTCG not make a hidden camera … When we plug in the intention of the Public Service serious then we are seriously started to think about it and we agreed.

Where the idea came from make the song together with Nina Žižić?

Nina is known to Montenegrin public as a talented female vocalist, and we with the help of friends came up with the idea to just summon it. Not even a little can’t regret it; she is persistent and eager to prove. You’ll see in Malmö.

How the song (Igranka) was created?

The dance is a universal theme, everyone loves to dance … First, we decided just the topic. In collaboration with one of the best producers in the region (Sky Wikluh) job went like clockwork. Otherwise, with him we have years of experience in the business so we can say that we are tuned for all kinds of challenges.

Have you ever been on a big stage like in Malmö and in front of 120 million TV viewers?

Yes, so far we have played a million times before the 120 million people in Stejdževima with no less than 300 square meters, and we can tell you, not a big deal. 🙂

Do you follow Eurovision Song Contest? If yes, which year was your first?

We’re from the hip hop culture that has no points in common with pop culture and therefore such competitions usually we get out of sight.

Who are your favourite singers at Eurovision?

Abba and Johnny Logan.

Have you ever been in Hungary? If yes, when and where were you?

We were never been in Hungary. We have some other friends there but we were not called to the guests, and we them we are 100 times.

This year there will be 39 countries in the contest. Have you listened any of the songs? If yes, who are your main competitors and what are your favourite songs?

We listen to all our competitors and still are not sure who might be able to be the favorite. There are a lot of good songs.

Can you tell us a bit about the video?

It was very interesting to shoot this video. Around us was such an atmosphere, primarily labor, that could not be Omas. The director of the video is our friend who does not work the first time. His Highness Zoran Markovic Žonja thanks to the quality and achieved notice for once again got a chance to make us happy good video. We are certainly honored when we work with him.

Your video has a huge success on YouTube. How do you feel about that?

We are pleased that the song that represents our country has achieved so hits on You Tube. This is not our first inhabitants in millions song.

What are your plans for Malmö? Will there a big show on the stage with dancers?

Without dancers, stripper, animals, jugglers and guitarists … Just us three kings.

What are your expectations/aims at Eurovision?

We will not lie if we say that our wishes have been answered already, but since we’re here, we hope to get into the final, and with that we were very pleased, as we won.

What inspire you?

Inspiration is everywhere. Quite often we get this question, and so far we have not broken the formula by which we can give you an answer.

Who help for you how to do everything well at Eurovision?

First RTCG and two people from this TV station. Head of delegation Lidija Backovic, Head of press Sabrija Vulic, and our manager Rade Vojvodic.

Have you ever thought about winning Eurovision?

No, we are not thinking about this.

What would you like to say to the Hungarian fans of Who See?

Dear Hungarians, listen to good music, eat well, do not smoke, drink beer and all the good …

Thank you for the interview for Who See, and special thanks for Sabrija Vulic.

We wish all the best for you in Malmö.

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