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Win a Compact Disco promo CD! 5 questions – 5 discs!

Corresponder: SZALMA Róbert

This is the 6th time when our readers get the chance to win promotional cds. The first time was in 2007 for the records of RÚZSA Magdi, then all the presents were dedicated by Csézy, ÁDOK Zoli, WOLF Kati. In 2009 thanks to the Turkish Embassy in Budapest, we posted Hadise CD-DVD combos to the ones who had fortune and sent right answers.

This year we will give the chance to win the dedicated remix album of „Sound of our Hearts” of Compact Disco. Send the correct answers until midnight (CET) on 15th April to The readers who can give perfect answers and send their full postal address can take part in the draw only. If something is missing, the application won’t be valid. All the quiz answers are going to be deleted by until the second end of the week counted from the day of posting.

1.) What is the title of the first album of Compact Disco?

a.) Humanoid
b.) Asteroid
c.) Stereoid
d.) Discoid

2.) What is the title of the entry of Compact Disco in this year?

a.) Sound Of My Head
b.) Sound Of The Music
c.) Sun Goes Down
d.) Sound Of Our Hearts

3.) What is the number of the track of „Feel the rain” in the album titled „//” of Compact Disco?

a.) 1.
b.) 3.
c.) 11.
d.) 4.

4.) How many people does Compact Disco have in the band?

a.) 3
b.) 4
c.) 5
d.) 6

5.) What is the running number of Compact Disco on 22nd May in Baku?

a.) 5.
b.) 6.
c.) 15.
d.) 16.

Good luck!

1 comment to Win a Compact Disco promo CD! 5 questions – 5 discs!

  • He have received only 2 right answers by now so we might not organize a draw, everybody will get the CD CD! But we are still waiting at least more 3 right answers. 15th April is the deadline!