2010. november
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The NOX story – this is the end

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre

The NOX singer Szilvia Péter Szabó decided to keep her studying in Australia, so the request to extend her visa has been given. It means that the 10-year-success of NOX won’t come back any more. Earlier, official publishments said that it is a temporary break but Hungarian tabloid Blikk has information from sure sources about concluding the group. Moreover, the other founder member Tamás Nagy seceded from months ago and there would be no money to create a big concert that costs are more than a million HUF.

Szilvia Péter Szabó feel well, very happy, got friends, their language skills are better and better. She likes the quiet different mentality of people there. Of course she is missing the stage and singing but also waiting for the chances that the future can give her.

Szilvia has moved to Australia to forget the sore tearing with producer of NOX.

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