Zoli will dance with the song in Moscow

adok-zoli-robi-002aAuthor: SZALMA Róbert
Source: old.eschungary.hu

I met Zoli in an intimate restaurant in the city centre in the afternon. I can say he is very informal and frendly full of energy and he is looking forward to stand onto the stage of Eurovision in Moscow to bring a very good result back to Hungary.

ESCHUNGARY: Hi Zoli! How do you feel? Is it a good feeling to represent Hungary on the Eurovision Song Contest?
ÁDOK Zoli: Thanks, I’m very well and excited, i feel big power in me of course and I can’t wait for being on stage there.

ESCH: How do you prepare for it? What about your costumes? Have you started to practise the coreography?
Á.Z.: We will hold a meeting this week to agree with the dancers and next week we will start practising the performance. Hopefully, next week we will see the plans of the dresses.

ESCH: The lenght of your song did not fit to the rules of Eurovision, you had to cut it.
Á.Z.: Yes, we had to shorten it, however we had a 3-minute-long version sent to the tender of the Hungarian National Broadcaster MTV. Actually, I like the latest edition of my song much better because we deleted the parts of the song that could seem to be unimportant. A song with the length of 3 minutes is always more pointed and impressive

ESCH: You step on stage as eleventh after Slovenia and before Azerbaijan and Greece. Have you listened to their songs?
Á.Z.: The number eleven means the golden midway, I hope this position will bring luck. I don’t watch and listen to the songs of the competitors yet for psychological reasons, not letting them to get a negative or positive influence on me so that I can concentrate better on myself and my own performance and work. After it of course I will replay the whole contest and I will analyse it for myself. It has always worked! When I was younger I did figure skating and I did not watch the competitors neither not to feel that someone is much better because that could have ruined my performance.

ESCH: And during the previous years what Eurovisions did you watch?
Á.Z.: I watched all that I could. I have lots of friends from abroad. We came together and everyone brought some kind of drink that was typical for his or her country. By each song everyone had to take some of the matching drink. By the end of the programme we were in quite a good mood already.

ESCH: What placing do you count with?
Á.Z.: I would realy like to get to the final and there to the Top 10. You cannot stand on the stage that you say „what will be, will be”. I will stand onto the stage with such a strong belief like I would win the contest. This whole is nothing without the competitive spirit.

ESCH: What is your opinion about the songs of Mark and Kátya?
Á.Z.: Both songs and performers are very good? But in my opinion, it is better to enter with a faster song because people have in themselves the desire to move and dance. That is why the song of Mark was a lucky choice. However, Kátya has a wonderful voice and she is a very good actress. I am sure she would have stood her ground in Moscow as well. I feel sorry for them that this story ended up like this. But finally, I am glad that I was the final choice and I am very proud that I can represent Hungary.

ESCH: Will be there any presentation of the scenic show at home before the contest?
Á.Z.: No, I think it should be seen first in Moscow with what we prepared for the audience. Let us explode like a bomb! The video of the song is available on different sites of Internet but the scenic version is going to be built on other conception.

ESCH: When are you leaving for Moscow?
Á.Z.: We are leaving on 4th May all together. We will have lots of rehearsals, audio and dance separately. I don’t know the exact timetable by heart, unfortunately.

ESCH: We wish you good luck and we hope you will come home with a very good placing!


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    Zoli,i love your song!!!!!!!!!
    Please visit Turkey for promotion tour before the contest!..

    Greetings from Turkey.. 🙂