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Hungary has no entry again – withdrawal 2.0

katya3Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: MTV

Hungarian broadcaster MTV unexpectedly received a statement from the record company Sony BMG, stating that singer and actress Kátya Tompos will not be able to participate in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The selection committee of MTV will once again gather to find Hungary’s song for Moscow…

Sony BMG informed Hungarian television that Kátya Tompos cannot commit to her performance at the Eurovision Song Contest because of her theater engagements. As a celebrity actress, Kátya is starring in several films, plays in four shows at the Hungarian National Theatre, and another four at smaller theaters.

The singer said: „I realized that the preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest requires more energy and time than I could devote to it. Therefore I decided to withdraw from performing at the Eurovision Song Contest and rather dedicate myself wholly to theatre.”

MTV is facing an unexpected situation, as it assumed that those candidates submitting an entry really have the intention to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest and automatically accepted the strict rules of the EBU. „MTV regrets the decision of Kátya very much although fortunately there are still some excellent songs among the 105 submissions which are well worth to represent Hungary,” broadcaster officials stated.

The professional jury will listen to the submitted songs once again and will then make a new choice for Hungary. The jury will pay special attention to the artist’s commitment before introducing him, her or them to the world.

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