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Daria Kinzer: Qualifying is a challenge and a surprise

Daria Kinzer pictureAuthor: Sándor Mádi
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Daria Kinzer is not unknown for real Eurovision-sans: she represented Croatia in Düsseldorf, althought that time she didn’t qualify. I asked Daria about her Eurovision experiences and current plans.

As we all know, you represented Croatia in Düsseldorf, in 2011, but you didn’t qualify. How have you lived this?

2011 I’ve gone through a hard and tough qualifying in Croatia during the show „Dora” and it really was an experience I will never forget in my whole life. I got the chance to represent Croatia at the Eurovision Song Contest – the largest competition in Europe! That was really a great honour for me and I loved the time in Düsseldorf. I didn’t qualify for the finals, but I was totally satisfied with the work we have done! Nobody knows in advance who will qualify and who will not – so it’s a challenge and surprise for every participant – but I made my dream come true! During the time in Düsseldorf I got to know so many nice people, singers, songwriters, journalistis and of course fans – I’m deeply grateful for this great experience. After my participation at the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, I took another path and worked on my first Schlager-album named „Zwischen Himmel und Erde” (“Between heaven and earth”)! It was released in July 2013 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and all songs are recorded in German language. Schlager is a typical german music genre I like very much! I put all my love into this first album and it really sounds like „Daria”! 🙂

Now we can see that you are trying your luck to be at Eurovision again, but this time under the colours of the Swiss flag. Why exactly Switzerland and not another country?

That was really a big chance and I am so glad about it!! I got a request from the musical and production team considering of Michael Down, Andreas Anastasiou, Jonas Gladnikoff and Primoz Poglajen, who wrote the song „Somebody like you”. They asked me to record it in order to take part at the Swiss preselection 2014. What a coincidence! As I am working in Germany, Austria and of course Switzerland, I am in a musical relationship with Switzerland! In addition to that I like the new style of voting in Switzerland – that’s very transparent and includes the public!

When and how did you make the decision to give it another try?

The decision was made very late, maybe a few weeks ago. So we were in a big hurry! I received the song from the composers and recorded it 3 days later! Of course many people made suggestions, but only because I asked them to!  I had to discuss my desire with my label company TELAMO and my management Peter Fröstl, because I signed a contract with them – but both will support me and they take heed of it for future plans! Of course we do not know yet if I will pass the first internet selection, but everything’s ready if so!  To be honest, I didn’t think yet about the first jury-audition, because I think we have to pass the online selection first of all and afterwards we have enough time to discuss imaginable stage performances and other things. I believe the song would work great with some back vocals or maybe even dancers.

I have listen to your song, you sent to the pre-selection and it’s totally different from Celebrate we listened to 2 years before. Which song is closer to your heart: Celebrate or Someone like you?

Honestly I cannot compare the songs “Celebrate” and “Somebody like you”, because they are very different. “Celebrate” was a funny and happy song, that talked about not looking back and celebrating your life! On top of that it was more of a dance-techno song with strong beats. In contrast to that “Somebody like you” is actually a hidden love song! 😉 It tells about love, hurt and hope – and about the person you really need! The lyrics are very emotional, as the song itself! I love it!!!

Last but not least can you share with us what’s the main message of your song?

The song „Somebody like you” talks about deep love and expresses human feelings. We’ve all gone through this pain inside and the great love we felt – maybe people can identify themselves with the content of the song. My intention was to touch people with my interpretation of „Somebody like you”.

Thank you Daria for this interview and we wish you the best of luck in the pre-selection.

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