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ESC Hungary common watching 2013 on Saturday in Budapest!

plakat_nezes_13Author: SZALMA Róbert
Venue: III. félidő restaurant, Budapest District 17, in front of Kaszáló street 139, by the side of the football-ground.

Watch together again the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in organization of the biggest Hungarian fansite ESC Hungary! We all invite everyone to the restaurant III. félidő, at 19:30 on Saturday evening! Catering possibilities are limited because of technical circumstances, so we need to preorder sandwitches. If you want to watch the contest with other fans, have good chat, share your feelings about the songs, please find the contact to us until Thursday afternoon! This is important because of food, beverages will be OK.

Last year 20 people were gathered and surprisingly a nice guy from Sweden found as even only Hungarian ads were prepared. by the end we celebrated together the winning of his country We want to do the same this year, whoose country want to win?

Address: Budapest 17, Kaszáló street 139. Actually this address is much more findable for anyone, just the restaurant is in front of this address. The restaurant is on teh side of football-ground.

If you want to use public transportation you can reach this address with many ways:

From Örs vezér square: Bus lines 97E or 169E, 5th stop.
From KÖKI Terminal: Bus line 202E
From Pólus Center (Bus stop Nyírpalota street): Bus line 46E
You have to take off all bus lines at Szent kereszt square.
Bus lines by night to the city centre: 966, 980, 990

If you need more details, drop an email to info (at) eschungary (dot) hu

Fill this automatic application form for watching. Please give us your name and some accessibility (mobile nr or email) to be in connection for any case.

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