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A Dal 2013: only Hungarian songs competing on TV shows

Corresponder: Imre Klész
Source: according to press release of MTVA Press office in Hungarian language – translation
MTVA’s official press release in Englih coming soon!

As MTVA promised, they will continue the format A Dal, which was the national selection for Eurovision 2012, on the beginnig of this year. In the jury, Kati Wolf (ESC 2011) will be replaced by the actual ESC entrant Csaba Walkó, the lead singer of Compact Disco (ESC 2012). There will be a 5th jury member as well that will be announced soon. Among the 4 men, the extra jury member will be a female. The organizer of national final MTVA is receiving the songs until 20th December 2012.

The most interesting parts of the rules of A Dal 2013:

– The competitors/singers must be accept that the Hungarian National Final is not a competition of singers but competition of composers. In a special case, MTVA can replace the singer of the song.

– MTV and MTVA can decide the language of singing. In the national final, all the singers must be sing in Hungarian, however, the applicants can attach the English version as well to the application package. Songs in English version won’t be appeared on the live tv shows but MTVA is reserving the rights to use them on radio stations or online media. MTVA can decide which language version of the song will appear in May.

– At the very latest 5 days before the Head of Delegations meeting (mid March) can be modify the name of the singer or group, lyrics, and the language of the song. These finalized materials will be appear on press releases, brochures, CD covers, etc.

– The singers, groups and composers declare that they send applications only if there is no another contract that would set the process of Eurovision back, to have a contract and have constant cooperation with MTVA.

– The crew of MTV and MTVA undertake to angle the artist between the period of the end of national final and the beginning of international competition, put all efforts to help to reach the best result (highlighting keep the deadlines, compulsory promotion appearances).

Of course, the package of application must be involve the audio version on CD or DVD, press photos and CVs about artists and composers, printed lyrics, promo-video (if available), a signed statement about all terms of rules are accepted by applicants.

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