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Hungarian DJs united – Remix pack for Sound of our Hearts

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: MTVA press release

Compact Disco’s call for remixes to the Eurovision Song entry Sound of Our Hearts attracted DJs’ attention like never before.
The producers they had asked were immediately committed to remix Sound of our Hearts, resulting in the strongest Compact Disco remix pack ever. Luckily the names of many remixers sound familiar abroad as well, which is a great support for the international promotion of the song.

Here is the full list of remixes:

Midnight Run Remix – One of the most interesting collaborations on the remix compilation, produced by band member Begi Lotfi and Krisztián Szakos, well-known as the producer and band member of one of Hungary’s most successful artists, Ákos. He was involved in several gold and platinum releases.

Analog Cuvée Remix – The only remix where Hungarian folklore and folk music play the leading role! The typical dulcimer sound brings to mind the Hungarian puszta, goulash soup and pálinka (special Hungarian brandy).

Karmatronic Radio Remix – Achilles F. Sparta is an Italian producer living in Hungary who did several successful remixes for world famous stars like Beyoncé, Shakira, Britney Spears or John Legend, just to mention a few. His name sounds familiar to all radios and clubs of Europe.

Lauer and Canard feat. Greg Note Remix – They are the producers of last year’s biggest club hit „Wawa-Sombrita”. Not very typical of them, they came up with a low tempo cover of Sound of our Hearts.

Monoscope Remix – Individual remix of the above mentioned Krisztián Szakos.

Nobody Moves Remix – One of Hungary’s most successful producer duo, Andro and Pixa created a truly exciting dubstep version for the remix bundle. Last year, Andro became „DJ of the Year” in Hungary and he had numerous successful releases all over Europe. Pixa is known as the producer of popular Hungarian acts.

Stereo Palma Remix – They have been planning to work on a Compact Disco remix for years but something always intervened. This time it was not easy either, as the original tempo was a real challenge. For this reason, the band re-recorded the vocals for the remixes, so the Stereo Palma Remix was finally realised. Attila Náksi and Zsolt Brunner (aka Stereo Palma) played in Baku last year and they described it as an amazing city. Hopefully Compact Disco will return home just as proud as their pals did!

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