Kati Wolf’s (ESC 2011) new song by the end of August

[videofile]mmsh://streamer1.carnation.hu/mtvod2/balatoninyar/2011/08/17/wolfenek.wmv?MSWMExt=.asf[/videofile]Corresponder: Imre Klész
Source: hirado.hu

Kati Wolf managed to organize the showbusiness with family life very well after X-Factor and Eurovision. Her summer was very busy but always appointed 3 days per week for family life. Kati’s new song will be arrived by the end of August and her new album will be ready by autumn that style and feeling is around the song “Szerelem miért múlsz?”. The tracks are not similar to each other, those are written by different authors. Kati is contented with the international success of her Eurovision entry. Mostly fans from differrent countries arrived to her concert held in Sweden.

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