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Csézy’s (ESC 2008) new song: 350000 copies sold

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Hungarian entrant of Eurovision 2008 Csézy got 35 times platinum record for her new song „Ez az otthonunk” (This is our home) that is also a part of campaign of Hungarian Tourism Corp. and Hungarian Product NGO to popularize travelling and spending holidays inside Hungary.

The companies aim to spread the idea among Hungarians to choose internal holiday destinations. In the press conference published the results of research of holiday plans of people in 2011 as well. Csézy’s new song is penned by MIKLÓS Tibor and composed by MENYHÁRT János. The video of the song is about to present the beauty of Hungarian countryside. The shorten version of the video will be presented in 5 different TV channels but it is also available on Youtube.

„I got the platinum record yesterday and put to the wall of my living room immediately! I’m so happy, it is a very good feeling. I got many requests to perform this song live in different events. I hope my audience like my song and join to my journey to explore Hungary together.” – said Csézy after being awarded.

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  • Geri

    Ez a szám gyönyörű:)) Erről olyan szép hátteret lehetne csinálni, modern,klasszikus táncot táncolni:) Bár őő jutna ki 2012 EV-re