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Hungarian reactions on Eurovision 2008

Author: KLÉSZ Imre
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The Hungarian press published a lot of articles about Csézy’s performance after the ESC 2008. Of course, everyone was disappointed because of the result. Csézy performed a traditional Eurovision song and some hoped that she will manage to move the contest to its original, ”right” way.

Csézy published a declaration on her homepage.

”I would like to thank to RAKONCZAI Viktor for the beautiful song, and to the group Fool Moon for the execution of the performance. I have been receiving a lot of greeting letters that give me a lot of power! I would have loved to be in the final of course. When we got out from the stage, we said that we have done everything for giving a nice production at a high level. I sang the song and done the performance as I had imagined. The rest was not up to us. Anyway, I want to thank for the votes I got in the national final to let me participate in such a big competition.”

The Hungarian viewers paid less attention for the show than the previous year: the ratings were less than 10%. In 2006, 34,7% of the adults saw Magdi’s success, when she performed her song in the final. Magdi is a star of a popular Hungarian commercial station, that’s why the interest was much better last year. Csézy was in a ”deathgroup”, all the contestants had very strong songs and productions in the second semi, this is the reason of Csézy’s poor result. The other reason is that those countries who like the Hungarian music couldn’t vote that evening. For example, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria and Germany were in the other group. The Hungarian viewers gave 12 points to Azerbaijan that surprised everyone.

There are a lot of rumours about the Hungarian participation in the ESC 2009 but we can hear more positive reactions about Eurovision. Just one performance can win and there are countries that have never won the contest but they haven’t given up. This fact gives a lot of energy to the Hungarian fans and maybe to the other countries that received just a few points. We want to see and hear the diversity of Europe year by year!

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