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Tonight: A Dal – Heat 2

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: – MTVA
Internet streams and technical details of satellite receiving below!

Hungary is going to continue the national selection „A Dal” Tonight at 20:15 CET. The rules are the same as last week, and we can tell you again: you can vote from your own country with a normal priced text message to send one contestant to the final!

These will perform Tonight:

Anti Fitness Club – Lesz, ami lesz
GYURCSIK Tibi – Mozi szélesvásznon
FÁBIÁN Juli & Zoohacker – Like A Child
KISS Gina – Chasing Dreams
PUSKÁS Péter – Csillagok
TOLVAI Renáta – Élek a szemeidben
The Kiraly’s – Untried
VERES Mónika – This Love

Two guests are also going to perform in the selection. One of them is RÚZSA Magdolna, who will present her song from Helsinki 2007. The another is group Belmondo, they will present a cover version of Dschingis Khan, ESC 1977. Among the members of German group, there were two Hungarian singers in that year who are actually the first Hungarians on the stage of Eurovision: MÁNDOKI László and KÉSMÁRKY Marika (Edina Pop).

MTV received more that 30000 votes last Saturday not just from Norway, Estonia, Greece, Jordan, Syria, Libya but from Kuwait and Australia as well!

If you miss the live show on m1 and Duna World (technical details of satellite receiving here) you can watch it again on Sunday in channel m2 at 16:00 CET. The grand final will be streamed by as well.

Internet streams
live streams on Saturday, 20:15 CET
Duna World

stream for the reprise on Sunday, 12:40 CET

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