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Dance with me for 120$ on Ebay

zolidance2Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
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There was some trouble in the promotion of this year’s Hungarian Eurovision entrant as only a few press kits were produced by Zoli’s record company. The Hungarian Eurovision news site managed to get 10 pieces of it to share them by a quiz. Half of them were posted to international addresses, and the rest for Hungarian fans.

Moreover, the 3 editors of got presentation copies as remembrance. But since then, the international representatives of Eurovision have been calling us even recently too, asking press kits to complete their 2009th edition of Eurovision Maxi CDs. International journalists do not understand the fact that there were more than enough pieces of press kits from Csézy (ESC 2008) and RÚZSA Magdi (ESC 2007) in previous years but this year there is almost nothing. One of the journalists told us that somebody got some pieces from „Dance with me” kits and he has been selling it on E-bay for 150 pounds for last months. We could catch a screenshot from E-bay with the price of 120 dollars but the store has run out. We tried to ask the representative of the record company for copies we promised to journalists of and months ago. We received different promises for several times but we couldn’t manage to receive any of it. Those could won with our quiz are lucky, the rest should watch the pages of Ebay carefully, maybe that foreign user will put more copies of „Dance with me” there.

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