2008. augusztus
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Brand new NOX pieces on internet

Corresponder: KLÉSZ Imre
Source: ESC Hungary forum

The hungarian group NOX (ESC 2005) will release their new album called „Időntúl” (Over the time) soon – as we know from non-official sources on September 1st. There will be a big concert in Budapest on October 24th as you can see on the homepage of NOX for days. A lot of ESC fans hoped that one of the songs of their new album will be seen in the next National Final, but you can already listen 3 of them on YouTube. Because of the rules of „after October 1st”, we can’t watch the performance of these songs in connection with Eurovision. We asked the representatives of MTV about the participation of ESC 2009, but there is no decision yet. NOX made a completely different album like the previous ones, listen some samples here:

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