„The Song”- National selection series for Eurovision on channel m1

Source: MTV/MTVA press release

Today twenty brand new songs were revealed which get the chance to represent Hungary at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. After Hungarian Television MTV and MTVA launched an open call for submissions in December 2011, a professional jury consisting of nine members selected the best songs out of the more than 200 submissions. The channels m1 and Duna World will broadcast live the national semi finals on 28 January and 4 February, and the national final on 11 February 2012 where a total of eight songs will compete.

Hungarian Television and MTVA received 202 songs by 170 submitters for the Hungarian national selection. The nine-member jury including musicians, radio and tv professionals spent 13 hours with pre-selecting the songs for the live shows. They picked the best twenty songs which will be performed in one of the two semi-finals and those eight songs qualifying for the national final get close to represent Hungary in Baku this year. The live show series will be aired on the channels m1 and Duna World with the title “A Dal” (“The Song”) on Saturdays between 28 January and 11 February, starting at 20:00 CET with a duration of 100 minutes. Besides the hopefuls viewers get to see other star performances as well.

The live show tv-jury will have four members: Kati Wolf, Hungary’s ESC representant of 2011, Jenő Csiszár, radio and tv presenter, Philip Rákay, programme director of m1 and Viktor Rakonczai, composer and former ESC contestant.

The jury’s points will not be enough to qualify as the viewers can also have their say via televoting in both semi-finals and in the final. In the semi-finals the jury’s points will determine three songs to qualify for the final and one more song can make it according to the viewers’ votes. From each semi-final 4 songs qualify for the final. The televoting will be even more important in the national final: the best four of the eight competing songs will get to the last round only based on the televotes. The winner out of these four remaining songs – and therefore the winner of the national final – will be determined by split votes of the jury and the audience.

On the evening of 11 February we get to know the song and performer to represent Hungary at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest in Baku, Azerbaijan!

List of Hungarian national finalists in alphabetic order

Performer Music/Lyrics: Title
Anti Fitness Club Molnár Tamás: Lesz, Ami Lesz
Bebe and the Change Vigh Arnold/Zsedényi Dániel: Fans Will Be Friends
Caramel Molnár Ferenc Caramel: Vízió
Compact Disco Pál Gábor, Sándor Attila, Walkó Csaba, Behnam Lotfi: Sound Of Our Hearts
Dancs Annamari Dancs Annamari: Feel
Fábián Juli & Zoohacker Palásti Kovács Zoltán / Fábián Julianna: Like A Child
Gallusz Niki-Vizy Márton Vizy Márton/Vigh Kristóf: Európa, Egy A Szívünk
Gyurcsik Tibor Szabó Zé/Johnny K. Palmer: Back In Place
Heinz Gabi Naughty Monkeys: Learning To Let Go
Kállay-Saunders András Kállay-Saunders András, Szakos Krisztián, Burai Krisztián/Kállay-Saunders András: I Love You
Király Linda & Ben & Viktor Pras Michel, Roy Hamilton, Linda Király: Untried
Kiss Gina Jónás Barnabás/Kiss Gina: Chasing Dreams
Kökény Attila-Bencsik Tamara Krajczár Péter, Pacsai Márk, Tabár István, Kökény Attila: Állítsd Meg Az Időt
Monsoon Vödrös Márton/Johnny K. Palmer: Dance
Pély Barna-Pál Eszter-Pál István “Szalonna” Pély Barna, Pál Eszter, Pál István/Fecske András István, Pély Barna: Open Your Heart
Puskás Péter Molnár Gábor: Csillagok
Sophistic Krajczár Péter/Juhász Orsolya, Rozman Alexandra, Schilling Kolos: Yeah OK!
Tolvai Renáta Krajczár Péter, Pacsai Márk, Tabár István: Élek A Szemeidben
Tóth Gabi Szabó Zé/Molnár Tamás : Nem Kell Végszó
Veres Mónika “Nika” Molnár Imre, Chris Landon/Taryn Murphy: This Love