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News and gossips – And what about the kids’ dream?

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Video: Watch Kati’s Night Adventure on YouTube!

Budapest, Downtown, 22:00PM. Kati Wolf is arriving to the headquarters of Hungarian Radio. Kids packed off to bed – Kati tells laughing – so i can steal some time for working. Kati Wolf representing Hungary at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest is a popular singer and a loving mom as well. She has two daughters, the smaller kid is only one-year-old, but
Kati is able to find the balance between her family and her career. I try to spend as much time with my children and my husband as possible – she says.

Videoblog: Watch Kati’s Night Adventure on YouTube!

It’s late night in Budapest, Kati’s kids are in bed at least, so the singer can go to work. She and her team have to record about ten radio IDs and two interviews in English and in Hungarian. Colleagues of Hungarian Radio are waiting for the TV’s Eurovision team to help them in sound recording. Although everybody is tired, common work is fast and straight
thanks to Kati’s very special humor and energetic personality. Despite of this it’s almost midnight when they leave the Radio building. Kati is jumping in her car and drives away waving: she has to rest before waking up her two little girls in the early morning.

Kati fights for starving children

As a mother it always makes me sad to see children suffering from starvation – Kati Wolf says. For this reason, I joined a campaign with the aim to help families in poverty who can’t provide enough food for their children. The charitable aim was so important for her that she took part in a tv show while she had a high fever.

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