Hello Europe, it’s Kati speaking!

Source: MTV press release

Hungarian participant of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011, Kati Wolf held an international press conference via Skype and live webstream last Friday. She replied patiently to the questions of European reporters who could follow each moment of the live press event on MTV’s webpage specially created for this conference.

The Hungarian singer spoke about her feelings for the Eurovision Song Contest, as she said, there would be a huge difference between any other competition and performance and the ESC: there I was singing for myself, and now I’m singing for my country. Kati also gossiped some small details of her private life, she told that her elder daughter would be with her during the Song Contest in Düsseldorf. She announced that Napsugar von Bittera, the very talented young designer will create her dress for the ESC, and it will be short and blue…

Fashion Designer: Napsugar von Bittera, Favourite of Mr Dolce and Mr Gabbana
Napsugar von Bittera is an internationally renowned expert who has worked in Austria and Germany as well. She became a well-known fashion designer when Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana transformed their Spiga 2 into a multi-brand shop to promote the collections of young international talents – like Napsugar.

Napsugar is known for her collection that appear to be costumes of a sci-fi flick. She works a lot with leather but likes to experiment mixing the consistencies and textures. She merges luxury with wearability, elegance with hip and extreme style, and she does it all with great enthusiasm.

Success came late
As a little girl, Kati Wolf had a dream. In that dream, she saw herself on a stage, which isn’t a surprise, since she was born into a showbiz family. At the age of six, she was adored by the country as she sang her father’s composition, the main theme of the animation movie “Vuk”. It was a pretty long journey from the song of the fox pup, to real success. This is what I always wanted even when I lived an everyday life. I worked at an office, and singing was my hobby – tells Kati about the beginning of her career. Success didn’t come early in my life and this is why it didn’t – and won’t get to my head. I can face the challenges more maturely. I want to spend my spare time with my family, they also keep me on my feet. After the excitement of a live performance I wouldn’t have time for any stardom, my daughter demands her chocolate milk the same way she did before, and I am happy to make it for her. I’m also aware the attention I’m getting now is part of the show and the upcoming contest, I know that there will be times when things will slow down.


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