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Duna Televízió broadcast all live shows of Eurovision 2010 in Hungary

Corresponder: Klész Imre

Yesterday afternoon it was announced that another Hungarian National Broadcaster, Duna Televízió will put Eurovision Song Contest 2010 on their programme. According to A. SZABÓ Magda cultural vice president of Duna TV, the most important is to give a chance to present the programme to Hungarian viewers now, and to send a participant next year.

She also told that it was a great pleasure to accept the calling of the executive of Eurovision Song Contest in this February. „One hand, when it was cleared that Magyar Televízió (MTV) will not broadcast the contest, a lot of viewers called us. We didn’t want to divest the Hungarian fans, which are have a serious fan club, to watch live the contest. In other hand, we would like to have new fans, because of Duna Televízió will get the chance to organize and broadcast Eurovision events.”

It is known that viewers could watch the contest in Magyar Televízió by now, but because of financial reasons they had to step back from Eurovision this year. The European Broadcasting Union called up Duna Televízió to broadcast the contest in order that Hungary can follow the event continuously. However, Duna TV did everything to send a participant this year, because of the rules, it was too late in February.

„It is important to emphasize that only EBU members can take part in the contest. In Hungary, Magyar Televízió is the member tv station, Duna Televízió is approved participant member. In one country more than one member can exist like in Russia, two national broadcasters made a common agreement about Eurovision, one of them in every first, the other is in every second year get the right to broadcast the show. We don’t want to take away the chance from Magyar Televízió forever, but  could take it over with great pleasure. The most important is to show the contest to Hungarian viewers and to vote and support for a Hungarian participant in Eurovision 2011!” – said the vice president.

Duna Televízió is one of two state-owned public television companies in Hungary. Duna TV began broadcasting in December 1992, and was the first Hungarian TV station to broadcast on satellite and which broadcast programs for and news about the Hungarian minority in Europe. In 2004 the Duna TV began to broadcast in North America and Australia.

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