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JESC 2008: the end of jury voting

Author: KLÉSZ Imre

However, we expected a high quality show, we could see a show at a normal quality last Saturday. Unfortunately the new voting method didn’t manage to reach the better outcome of JESC 2008. Much more countries from the East participated, and you have to consider that all the countries like to vote for its neighbour or „brother” country. It is usual. Well, it seems that the method of 50% jury and 50% televoting is more suitable for national finals. This system verified its success a long time ago.

The stage is simply amazing on the photos! But in the live show as I was watching the screen, it was more dark or more colorful that couldn’t show up the contestants, they were hidden by the background.  The greatest development was the idea that the pool of the stage had a big ball with the colors of the actual contestant’s national flag.

It is nice on the part of UNICEF and EBU to try to collect more and more supporters for its children-aid programmes, maybe these promotion films appeared a bit too many times and they were long enough to break the dynamism of the show. The outfits of the hosts might have been created by Barbara Dex. But really, they did a professional work, they were confident and nice. In the green room, there was some mistake, the questions of the male host were a bit complicated so that some contestants didn’t understand them well. Surely, they were too much excited to be able to answer for those questions.

The greatest thing was inviting Evridiki and Dima Bilan for the sake of the show. The songs of the contestants were quite different, you could listen to a lot of catchy and interesting songs. Georgia won with a quite unique song, congratulations! As usual, the radio stations won’t play the winner of the actual Eurovision, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I could listen to the song „Prati mi SMS” in a public place. Next year, Kyiv will be the host of the show. I’m curious whether they can push
their advantage in the experience they got in the senior contest 2005.

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